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Please sir, what's an altercation? | 23-Aug-14

Enquirer is trying to find the rest of this poem:

Please sir, what's an altercation?
By my sainted she-relation, Jones
Your powers of cerebration
Move a man to lachrymation.
Never heard of altercation.
Listen, then, this illustration
May be fit for your assimilation:
Say a porter at a station,
By some faulty indication,
Made me miss my destination

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And I gave vent to my vexation
In a stream of objurgation
Saying "Blow" and "Botheration"
Passing then by swift gradation
To a bout of fistication,
With attendant inflammation,
Optical discoloration
Then, without exaggeration,
I could lay the information
That I'd had an ALTERCATION
With a porter at a station.

H. A. Field
Form Master, Manchester Grammar School 1940's - 1960's

Keith Dalby-Oldham

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