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The Death of Conor McNessa | 06-Mar-05

"Twas a sad day for Ulster
when Conor McNessa died"

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Im looking for the words to this poem, or even the name of the poem or its author. Any help on this would be great.
Malachy Magorrian

It was a day full of sorrow for Ulster , when Connor McNessa went forth , to punnish the Clansmen of Connaught , who dare to take spoil from the North ----------

His royal physician bent over him
great U----- who often before , staunched the
war battered bodies of heroes ,and built them for battle once more

I would like the all the words of this poem.
Daniel Moroney

Malachy and Daniel,
Busy with Holy Week just now. During Easter week I will look for it in a local library. I think it is in "The Dublin Book of Irish Verse"(OUP 1909). My sister has been looking for it as well. Keep your fingers crossed. Give your E-mail addresses. John
Fr. John Delaney

My father has an original copy (1901) of an Irish history book that contains the complete text of the poem. It is chilling and inspiring at the same time, presages the crucial role Ireland would play in both the preservation and spread of the Faith, and always a thrill to read. I will endeavor to borrow it from him, both because I want a copy of it, and for your benefit, and forward it on to you.
Dan Skehan

This doesn't seem to want to take my message, but the poem is by T.D. Sullivan, and the first line is "T'was a day full of sorrow for Ulster" - Googling that will give you the rest of the text.
Ian Duhig

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