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Father bought a chicken and the day it came of age | 15-Sep-14

Father bought a chicken and the day it came of age,
Father spiflicated it and filled it full of sage.

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These are the first two lines of a comic song, certainly sung and possibly written by my late father's uncle, Frank Pearson. The family lived in the area of Lye, Stourbridge - now in the West Midlands. The song continues:

Put it by the fireside till it was nice and brown
Poured some lovely gravy on the part where he sits down
Father went and bought a hobby saw
Sawed away as hard as he could wish
Perspiration dripped from father's nose
Till it nearly swilled the chicken off the dish
Said the bird "Oh Lor'! I do feel sore!
Since I've been livin' in the Ark with Noah
Of all the saws I ever ever saw
I never saw a saw like that saw saw!"

And there's a second verse:

At the Cow and Columbine inside the public bar
From an automatic box I bought a big cigar
When I started smoking it a policeman on his beat
Tumbled down the cellar flaps and hid behind his feet
Then I saw some sanitary men
Spraying disinfectant round about
Both my eyebrows hadn't got a hair
But still I meant to have my pennorth out
So I smoked that smoke till it burnt my boke
Killed three policemen and a donkey choked
Of all the smokes I ever ever smoked
I never smoked a smoke like that smoke smoked

And I can remember the tune......
Paul Pearson

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