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To be what I have been but am no more | 08-Oct-14

Enquirer is trying to find the author and title of this poem which was memorised from a Scottish Higher English paper in 1976 (some words may not have been remembered correctly).

To be what I have been but am no more
Or find a shadow of what once was plain
 I pace the margin of this haunted shore
Where rocks and stones and echoing cliffs retain
 Lost ecstasies and shouts of natural joy
Back through a maze of transient gains and griefs
 I pick my steps to see a phantom boy
Who flits from ledge to ledge o'er these black reefs
But all the pools have unfamiliar grown
Since those forgotten days nor can I trace
Those distant footprints there that are mine own
That time can never touch nor tides efface
Of this strange land the meaning who can tell
 Receding thus from those who knew it well

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I am the original enquirer, the National Library of Scotland have checked and this does not appear in the 1976 Higher exam paper, we think it might have been from a prior paper used at the time for revision but we're still looking!
Jo Eaglesham

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