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"It's a tale that the backwoods settlers tell, that old Jim Brown was a ne'er-do-well" | 10-Mar-05

"..but the old man prayed that night that his boy was alright; though he's been a long time gone."

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It feels as if it ought to be by Banjo Paterson.
Linda Death

Does anyone know of a comprehensive Banjo Paterson collection? I think Linda is right on with this reply. Many thanks!

Albert cox

I would very much like to recover the full wording of this old song. My father used to sing it to me and to his grandchildren, often reducing the younger ones to tears. It belonged to the same sentimental tradition as " 'scapegrace Brother Jack".
My father's version ran thus " ...he prays that night that his boy's all right.....he's been a long time gone"

At another point the father entertains the possibility that his son has been attacked by a grizzly bear. Other than that I can only recall that the general impression I received was that the story was located in Western Canada.
I'd love to be able to sing it to my grandchildren!

Howard Poole

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