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When oaks, elms and beeches in drear disarray | 20-Mar-15

Enquirer is trying to trace the author/origin of a poem his grandfather used to recite from his school days back in the 1920's. He never knew the title.

When oaks, elms and beeches in drear disarray
Against the cloud reaches stand shamed to the day
When beauty lies hiding and summer lies dead
Ho! here they come riding our horseman in red'
Through star studded caverns where red rivers twine
They tie up at taverns and roar for red wine
Then red helmed and wrapped in red cloaks they regroup
Each horseman a captain in front of his troop.
Over trenches red glowing they thunder and leap
Down treading or throwing tower, rampart and keep
Hark! Lean down and listen tis sabres that ring
How they sweep, how they glisten each stroke for a king
But give me for idle the hot spurring hoard
The rose on the bridle, the red on the sword.

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This could be a poem by David F Campkin?
Erica Tuffin

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