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There once was a plump christmas pudding | 28-Jul-15

Enquirer states: I am looking for a poem about the Plump Christmas Pudding. My Dad read it from a book called 365 stories. It began as follows:

There once was a plump christmas pudding
and unlike a pudding said he
I don't feel I should be eaten
For anyone's dinner or tea.

His short hair was three sprigs of holly
His eyes were a bright raisin hue
His legs were as thin as two matchsticks
On each a coconut shoe.

He stood up and then with a chuckle
He jumped off the table with care
And strutted around in the kitchen
And talked to the pussy cat there.

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It was from a Blue Peter annual. I still have it.
Julia Howe

Hi Julia
Could you tell me which annual it is (year or edition)
Geoff Eaton

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