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The Daughters of Martha and the Daughters of Mary | 22-Sep-15

Enquirer is looking for any information on this fragment remembered from a poem which she came across in England sometime between 1960-1985, possibly in a local publication or Parish Magazine:

"All I can be sure of is that several of the verses start with:

The daughters of Martha


The Daughters of Mary

and possibly the starting line

Mary and Martha were sisters...

The poem is gently satirical about the roles of the 2 women and sympathetic to Martha's daughters, who as practical hard workers keep things going in the world but get overlooked, in a similar fashion to Kipling's poem about the sons."


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apparently Emily O. Boswall wrote a poem called Daughters of Mary and Daughters of Martha
'The daughters of Mary sit and worship With folded hands, and hearts at ease The daughters of Martha wrestle like Jacob Lowly bowing on bended knees. The daughters of Mary hold sweet communion Shut away from the world of sin. The daughters of Martha search highways and byways 'Tis they who bring the wanderers in. The daughters of Mary scatter flowers, And breathe benedictions upon the poor : The daughters of Martha wash the children, And get the breakfast, and sweep the floor. The daughters of Mary for hours of sadness, They soothe the heartache if any can : The daughters of Martha take up the conflict, When Life and Death do battle for man. ... ' found online in a nursing magazine from 1925

Susanne Woodman

Dear Susanne Woodman, I am greatly indebted to you for this information, as I have been searching for this poem for a long time. Please could you send me the source - you can see my email address I hope? And I am not clear if you have quoted the whole poem here or if there is more to it? Very many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you, Judy Triantafillou.

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