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Who needs an education...When I can | 22-Sep-15

Enquirer is looking for a poem entitled or beginning:

'Who needs an education...When I can...'


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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


I would like to trace a poem I'm pretty certain is by Ezra Pound about the Roman crowd awaiting Julius Caesar. The only line I remember is something like " we came with our stools and sausages"
Karen Blick

Not a reply to this question, but to the question in the first comment. I think you are recalling TS Eliot's Coriolan - Triumphal March which contains the lines:

'...Are they coming? No, not yet. You can see some eagles.

And hear the trumpets

Here they come. Is he coming?

The natural life of our Ego is a perceiving.

We can wait with our stools and our sausages....'
Tom Deveson

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