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I am afraid to journey on alone / Yes I who once so loved lonely ways | 29-Nov-15

Enquirer is trying to find the author and title of this poem:

 I am afraid to journey on alone / Yes I who once so loved lonely ways/ now fear the stillness of mountain paths / The silence of long unaccompanied days

For you have taught me all the sheer delight / of timeless hours spent in a world for two / When all the earth's glad beauty paled / Before the matchless joy of moments shared with you

And though I go for comfort to my hills / Lost is their power to make my heart rejoice / For every tree breathes of your presence still / Each rock gives back the echo of your voice

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This is a beautiful poem. I would like to see it all. II can imagine Wordsworth writing this. He was such a lonely wanderer on the fells of the Lake District. Perhaps someone wrote this, who knew him, or someone like him.
This would beautiful to hear read by a man. Only because few women walked the fells, alone, in Wordsworth's time. I have walked those fells, myself, alone.
Reading the poem made me think of Wordsworth's ."Lucy" poems.
Keep on searching.
Norman Kendrick

Thanks for your comments, Norman. I found these lovely verses, of which I am trying to find the author, written in my hadwriting, but with no attribution, comment or date. My mother wrote poetry and I wondered if she could have written the verses, but then why would I write them down? My parents loved Wordsworth, so it is certainly worth going through his works to look for it.
Meher Pocha

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