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Not another cheese sandwich | 12-Dec-15

Enquirer is trying to track down a poem about 'not another cheese sandwich' basically a mother asks her son what he would like in his sandwich, then lists a long list of things in the end the last line, is 'I think I'll just have cheese again.

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I am searching for the poem I had to memorize at age 10 that began
"Who sees the first marsh marigold shall count more wealth than hands can hold"
I would love to find that poem and poet but have been unsuccessful thus far. I believe it is an English 19th century poem.
Barbara Donnell

Hi Barbara, the poem is by Rachel Field and is called 'A Charm for Spring Flowers'. It appears in the children's anthology 'Time for poetry'. If you contact the library, we can provide you with full text. Please note that you posted your query in the comments section of another person's Lost Quotation. In future, please contact the Poetry Library in the first place with any Lost Quotations. Many thanks.
Poetry Library

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