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Newborn by Kate Clanchy (Picador, 2004)

Kate Clanchy's book Newborn charts her pregnancy and the beginning of her son's life. The Poetry Book Society chose this book as one of their Recommendations in 2004. Here's what their selectors said about Newborn:


"For her third collection Kate Clanchy has documented the experience of becoming a mother. The book unfolds from a time when 'you ... are perhaps ten cells old', and travels through the following 18 months or so, until 'I sit my child on the jut / of my hip ... like lovers leaning out of a waltz.'
Because the book takes us on this journey, through all the stages and changes, it is almost like a diary. Unlike a diary though, each of the moments Clanchy has halted have been highly crafted and transformed, giving us both poetry, and an account immediately recognisable to any mother.

Clanchy captures well the peculiar paradoxes of the time, when the deeply private becomes public, (an ultrasound image becomes a weather front) and when the mundane becomes heightened. Birth is a commonplace, but is also the most exciting and dramatic event.  It's a realistic account - much more accurate than any Hollywood melodrama of a birth is her description of the first pangs - an '... over-familiar / uncle-ish hard tweak at my waist'. Then in 'Not Art', she documents the 'close work' of 'intricate wiping and wrapping'. There are some lovely tender images of the baby himself: 

  'At night, in your shift, fine hair upright
   you are my tiny Bedlamite,
   admonishing the laughing crowd...'
The 'newborn' times pass quickly, but seem to be filled with ages spent 'waiting for our babies to get an hour older'. By the last poem, Clanchy is meeting a friend, (or is it her old self?), in a bar. The book shows that, through becoming a mother 'nothing has been lost' neither of the whole transforming experience, nor of the poet's talent."


Discussion points:

If you are a parent, aunt or uncle, how did you document and celebrate the birth of a child? Is it important to chart the growth of a baby?

Is the experience Kate Clanchy describes universal? Can you relate to her feelings about motherhood, or were your experiences different?


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Havent read Clanchy's work yet; but her quote about sitting her infant 'on the just ... of her lap, like lovers leaning out of a wattz' is stunning. As a mother who danced this way with her child, I understand and feel that sharing this physical/magical intimacy with others takes a gift to do so well and is a gift for her hearers to receive. Clanchy
knows what she is talking about. I love her ability and willingness to share it. Her way of making my imagination physical and divine at the same time. Now I want to read her work properly.
Mary Moran

About Mary Moran's reading group:
Sorry. Guess I didnt follow the rules:
I dont have a group, just a thank yu
to Clanchy for her magical poety.

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